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Data Destruction


Your obligation to assure the privacy of confidential information does not end once your storage enabled IT assets reach the end of their functional life. The need to assure the effective and responsible elimination of data contained in the storage of PCs, Servers, imaging and print devices must be done in a manner which assures that any artifacts of legacy data cannot be recovered using any form of forensic recovery effort. 


Consequently, many security and data privacy policies fail to adequately address the proper methods to handle or manage EOL storage technology. Often, the practices employed by external document shredding service providers  fails to adequately address best practice, and in many cases may add unforeseen additional forms of risk, including the loss of storage assets in transit, and the inventorying of unprotected storage devices until pick up by the contractor. 


Efforts to purge storage devices in house may seem to resolve the risks posed by external contractors, but despite the best intentions of those who are tasked with data elimination, the methods used, whether by use of overwrite software, degausser, or disintegration, often fail to address data classification levels, the age of the device, or a multitude of technical considerations which may ultimately render data recoverable post process. 


5-L wrote the guide for the Best Practices for the Destruction of Digital Data, and understands the challenges which face private, enterprise, public sector and government clients in their efforts assure that their end of life data is not unexpectedly resurrected. Using a specialized process, 5-L addresses all forms of risk by providing our clients a service to purge end of life storage devices beyond forensic recovery efforts, using a process developed at the request of the NSA by the Center for Magnetic Recording research at the University of California San Diego. 


Ask us about how we can assist you in cost effectively reducing your risk to unexpected data exposure caused by EOL storage hardware. 



SSD Rehabilitation


Are your silicon based storage devices not performing like new? Have you tried in vain to regain your performance? Contact us to learn more about how you can rehabilitate your SSD storage hardware back to its original speed. 



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