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Staying ahead of threat requires the use of effective practice, a good strategy, and reliable tools. Traditional approaches to security provide protection to known threat, but often are ineffective in their ability to prevent new threat, or a targeted attack conducted by a motivated attacker. 


We understand our clients concerns, and work with them to develop creative and effective security strategies designed to address these needs. 5-L Technology is in continual contact with security innovators, and partners with a select group of vendors who have offer valuable solutions which address security challenges not addressed by others. 


5-L technology is proud to be partners with: 


Cicada Security Technology - Active end point protection for confidential data against exposure due to theft, tamper, or other forms of physical threat.


USB Data Block - Hardware based isoaltors for the protection of mobile devices against Juice Jacking, and hosts against EvilUSB type threat. 


SenseCy - Open Source Intelligence for the detection of pre-attack risk against corporate, banking, or government digital assets. 


Cryptalk - Functional and easy to use,  mobile device voice encryption technologies created in the EU. 


Soon To Be Announced - Intelligent forensic tools using existing real time security information to provide instant event intelligence and complete forensic breakdown of active threat. 

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